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Montgomery County Board of Elections

Week 3: Casually Cool


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What hobbies, activities, and pastimes fuel your passion?

In October 2014, I suffered a heart attack that radically changed my life. This event became my “Big Wake-Up Call.” This gave me time to look at priorities and passions and make each and every day count and become more focused on living each day as best I can. This is paramount to my 3 daughters and my best friends.

Through this transformation a focus on living a healthier lifestyle which has included becoming a part of running groups – completing over a dozen 5K races and an occasional 10K. While I am more the tortoise than the hare, completing these races “middle of the pack” I consider a “successful win.”

I have resumed my love of cooking, something that I was taught by mom when very young and enjoy entertaining – spending time with friends and sharing those meals. Those meals are most fun when shared around watching the Buckeyes play! I also love to travel and explore new places which opens so many windows to the world. Finally, I am very passionate about education, whether learning or teaching. Reading is such a passion of mine and you can usually find me with a kindle or an app on my phone reading a good book.

Week 2: Workplace Image

Photo by Steven Paul Photography |

Photo by Steven Paul Photography |

What does an average day (or week) of your life look like?

Any day at the Montgomery County Board of Elections can hardly be considered “average”. Each day is spent preparing for the next election and we look to every election, regardless of size, to help prepare us to make the next election better than the one before culminating with the Presidential elections every 4 years.

A day at the Montgomery County Board of Elections includes a wide spectrum of projects. Whether it is researching and processing voter registrations, voter communications, petition validation for upcoming candidates, processing “early voters” or prepping nearly 2200 voting machines for 178 polling locations within Montgomery County, each and every step is just as important as the next and every day is packed full of responsibilities to ensure elections run smoothly. One of the greatest things that make the United States so incredible is that we have the opportunity to choose through free and fair elections those who will lead us and our county into the future.

Week 1: First Impressions


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How did you become the man you are today?

I easily became the man I am today thanks to my father who had the most influence on my life. He instilled in me the importance of manners that many may consider old-fashioned. These lessons included holding a door or a chair for a lady, offering a woman your seat when you are sitting, and saying things like “Please” and “Thank you,” “Sir” and “Ma’am”.

My father also taught me clothing etiquette – button your suitcoat when standing, unbutton when seated, and tying Full and Half-Windsor knots for ties. One final lesson was that being late to meet someone is one of the worst forms of disrespect, and he emphasized it by saying “if you are on time, you are really five minutes late.”

Throughout my life, these lessons, along with the ability to show a future employer that you can help them be successful with your hard work ethic, appropriate clothing, and old-fashioned manners is one of the best ways to influence a potential employer to hire you.

Many might even say that I have become my father. To them, I say “thank you.”

Why should people vote for you as the best Role Model for Men at Work?

Working at the Board of Elections, I try to make it “easy to vote and hard to cheat,” but in this case, I’m supporting Clothes That Work, and it’s okay to “Vote Early and Vote Often.”

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