2017 Men at Work Campaign Results

On Wednesday, May 24, Clothes That Work held a special awards party at the Job Center to reveal the results of this year’s Men at Work campaign.

For the past three weeks, 24 local men competed for votes to determine which one of them was “the Most Inspirational Man in Dayton.”  Last year, 34 competitors secured more than 3,200 votes, and the 2016 campaign generated more than $22,000 in sponsorships and individuals donations.  This year, the Role models secured 3,571 votes, and the 2017 campaign finished with more than $26,000 raised.  Bob Morris, CFO of Midmark Corporation, claimed the title with 670 votes.

In addition to the grand prize, awards were given out to the men who secured the most votes during each themed week of the competition.  During week one, the men were asked to wear an outfit that made a great first impression.  Week two showcased the Role Models in their everyday workwear, and week three let us see them in their casual attire.  The winners of the weekly competitions are:

  • First Impressions Award: Bob Morris of Midmark
  • Workplace Image Award: Mark Garner of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • Casually Cool Award: Roberts Woods of Miami Valley Women’s Health

Click here to view and comment on photos from the Awards Ceremony on our Facebook page.  Photos and stories of the 2017 Role Models can still be read and shared on our website.