In the spring, we recruit a team of male business leaders and community champions to help us raise money through our annual Men at Work campaign. These contestants, or “Role Models” as we call them, tell us their personal and professional stories in an effort to inspire others to achieve their own goals. They take part in a professional photo shoot that captures their First Impressions look, their Workplace Image look, and their Casually Cool look. Their identities remain a secret until a special kickoff party launches the competition to be named “the Most Inspirational Man in Dayton” and Clothes That Work’s Ambassador of the Year!

Winning the title is all about securing votes. One vote can be purchased for just $5, and the community is encouraged to vote for their favorite Role Models as many times as they desire. For three weeks, fresh stories and photos of our guys are posted online to keep the contest new and engaging. After the polls close, the votes are tallied, and the winners are crowned at a special awards ceremony.

Since it began in 2015, Men at Work has generated more than $100,000 worth of support for our organization’s programs and services.

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Are you interested in getting involved in next year’s campaign? To learn more about the competition, sponsorship opportunities, and volunteer opportunities, call our office at 937.222.3778 or send an email to