Workplace Image Institute

The Clothes That Work Workplace Image Institute is a series of workshops designed to equip both job seekers and the newly employed with the knowledge and skills they need to create a professional image that will help them gain and maintain employment. These classes emphasize the fact that one’s professional image is composed of more than just clothes; image comprises communication skills, behaviors in the workplace, digital footprint, and financial health.

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Appearance, Attitude, and Confidence
As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression! This workshop is designed to help participants learn how to select the right clothes for the right job, how to decode a professional dress code, and how to craft a professional image that will help them both gain and maintain employment.

Networking: Putting Yourself in a Winning Position
Some of the most exciting job opportunities can only be found by meeting and talking to other people. This workshop is designed to help participants learn where to find networking opportunities, advise on ice breakers and conversation topics, and give an opportunity to practice in person with other attendees.

Behaviors Beyond the Handbook
The way you act at work can have a profound impact on your professional image. Certain behaviors will help you advance at work, while others can keep you from getting raises and new opportunities. This workshop helps participants learn how to best function as part of a team, how to avoid conflict at work, and how to gain respect from both coworkers and managers.

Social Media: Your Frenemy?
Do you know how your profile looks to a potential employer? Does your company have a social media policy? Your online presence can impact your professional image both negatively and positively. This workshop is designed to help participants learn how to use social media to enhance their professional image, how to avoid the mistake zones, and how to use social media for job seeking and advancement.

Communication: Your Power Tool
Sending the wrong message can damage your credibility, whether you intended to do so or not. This workshop helps participants learn how to craft and send the right message in the workplace, create awareness of nonverbal communications and their impact, and provide advice on sounding professional whether it be through face to face communication, phone calls, or text messages.

Bank On It; Money Matters!
Your financial health can impact your ability to gain a job, especially if the position involves being around large sums of money or valuable items. Knowing how to properly manage your finances can have a positive impact on your overall professional image. This workshop is designed to help participants learn how to manage a budget, maintain good credit, and understand a bank statement.

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