Clothes That Work to Extend Boutique Hours

Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Dayton, OH — Beginning April 4, 2016, Clothes That Work will keep their upscale resale Boutique open an extra nine hours a week in an effort to attract new shoppers.

Previously, the Boutique was open 10am to 3pm, with extended hours until 7pm on Thursday and open 9am to noon on the second Saturday of the month.  Starting on the 4th, the Boutique will be open from 10am to 6pm on Monday through Wednesday.  “A lot of customers who work 8 to 5 jobs never make it out to our shop,” said Paula Cosby, Executive Director.  “Those extra hours will make a huge difference for people who have always wanted to check us out but who simply couldn’t leave the office.”

Clothes That Work opened the Boutique in August of 2005 in order to make use of donated clothing that was either too casual or to formal for an interview.  In 2013 after a successful capital campaign, the Boutique was given its own space at the Job Center, complete with dedicated parking spaces and its own exterior entrance.  More than 30 volunteers run the day-to-day operations in the Boutique, allowing all proceeds to directly fund the programs and services provided by Clothes That Work.  What started as a good idea 11 years ago has now transformed into a healthy business that provides more than 25% of the organization’s revenue.

“One of the biggest challenges we’ve had at the Boutique is getting people into the store,” noted Paula.  “Once they get in here and see the quality of the merchandise and know that their purchases are helping people find jobs, they’re hooked.  We know these extra hours will be a huge benefit to both current and new patrons.”

The Clothes That Work Boutique is located at the southern end of the Job Center and is open to the public.  The store also houses the organization’s Education & Training Center, giving Clothes That Work the ability to hold events and meetings beyond its normal operating hours.  The Boutique is available for shopping parties, and groups of 20 or more may reserve the space after hours by calling 937.222.3778.


About Clothes That Work:
Clothes That Work is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping local job seekers secure gainful employment by providing clients with interview appropriate clothing and personalized, confidence building image services.  Additionally, the organization conducts educational workshops, gives interviewing tips, and coaches on exhibiting appropriate professional behavior.  Call 937.222.3778 or visit to make a financial donation, learn about volunteer opportunities, or find a location to drop off donations of clothing.

Media Contact:
Bill Perry, Marketing & Communications Manager
937.222.3778 x150