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Week 3:  Casually Cool


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What hobbies, activities, and pastimes fuel your passion?

I have to say, the things that allow me to recharge my passion at work are activities where I can completely forget about work. I try hard to maintain a work/life balance. Some of my favorite non-work activities are: Anything with my kids (batting practice with whiffle balls in the yard or plunking notes at the piano for their lessons); playing pickleball a few times a week with my friends (also a whiffle ball activity, and no, it’s not just for the elderly); and playing music in my band one night a week. If you ever see three dudes with headphones and guitars through the windows of the Clifton Senior Center on Tuesday nights, that’s what we’re doing. Bringing rock to Clifton.

Week 2:  Workplace Image

Photo by Steven Paul Photography |

Photo by Steven Paul Photography |

What does an average day (or week) of your life look like?

I am extremely fortunate in my job as development director at WYSO Public Radio because I get to do a hundred different things every week. If it were any other way I wouldn’t be as happy in this job. A typical week might include: Visiting a donor to see his daffodil plantings; meeting one-on-one with my direct reports; finishing a grant proposal that will fund a reporter position in our newsroom; brainstorming with the Rubi Girls at their clubhouse about their performance at our fundraiser; keeping up with email; recording and editing a 30-second “promo” that will air on WYSO; and leading a group of Cub Scouts on a tour of the radio station. Whew! Sometimes all these kinds of things happen in a single day.

Week 1: First Impressions


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How did you become the man you are today?

If I am a “role model” in any way, it’s because I’m trying to emulate the important role models I’ve been lucky to have in my life. To name just a few examples: From my three great mentors at Wittenberg, I learned that service to others is so much more satisfying than serving myself. From my first great boss, Steve Steiner at Boston Lyric Opera, I learned to push for the highest level of excellence while also creating a sense of fun and camaraderie in the workplace. From my dad, I learned that working long and hard in a job that is often stressful is worth it when it means you’re creating opportunities for your children. I hope that the man I am today is a reflection of the values I saw exemplified by these mentors.

Why should people vote for you as the best Role Model for Men at Work?

In my professional and personal life, I make every effort to learn from people I admire; so if I’m a “role model” in any way, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of the good and smart people I am meeting on my journey.

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