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Week 3:  Casually Cool


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What hobbies, activities, and pastimes fuel your passion?

My family has arguably been my passion over the years as I have tried to be supportive of them and still meet the demands of my job.  Today, spending time with our grandchildren, playing golf, and occasionally riding my motorcycle would rise near the top of the list.  But clearly at the top is spending time with my best friend (and spouse) Dora Lee, as we both love to hike and Kayak as often as we can.

Week 2:  Workplace Image

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Photo by Steven Paul Photography |

What does an average day (or week) of your life look like?

There have been no two days alike for me in the past 40 years, which is one of the great things about my job.  My day can start anywhere: at the bus garage, one of our transit hubs, on a bus, and perhaps – on occasion – in my office.  An intern once told me she wanted my job because all I appeared to do was walk around and talk to people. and to some degree. it’s certainly true as I am committed to engaging our customers and workforce.  There is no better way to know how we are doing than to spend time with customers, and I truly believe our employees are best equipped to assist us with service related decision-making.

Week 1: First Impressions


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How did you become the man you are today?

I credit my success to a number of people, not the least of which would be my parents.  I was raised in a very strict but loving household, a requirement for a family with 7 children.  In my work life, I credit my many bosses over the years, both good and bad, because I have certainly learned from each of them on both the right and wrong way to be a leader.  I would argue I learned the most from Coral Semle, who I followed through the ranks early in my career and who made me suffer through long periods of performing functions I hated like payroll and bookkeeping to ensure I was eventually prepared to become a CEO.  Finally, I would credit my wife more than anyone who gave up career interests so I could have the flexibility to work long hours and relocate our family 7 times.  She is my huckleberry!

Why should people vote for you as the best Role Model for Men at Work?

Not everyone grows up to be an astronaut or college president for that matter, so please consider the underdog in this race and support an old bus driver!

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