Client Testimonials

“I am more confident knowing that my age should not, and will not, discourage me in looking for employment. I received encouraging words of what I can bring to an employer regarding my skills and education. [My coach] was warm and personable; she made me feel special. Thanks again!”

Clients“It’s just like a new beginning in life – a fresh start over. Thank you God! Keep up the great work!”

“I feel much more confident now thanks to all their help!”

“Coming from a rural farm area to a city for business attire is a huge change. Thank you ladies for the help!”

“[My coach] made me feel beautiful with the suit that I chose. It was wonderful! The person who helped me was so welcoming and a joy to deal with. Thank you ladies so very much. I feel so wonderful to get a job now!”

“It has been a long journey with unexpected setbacks. I was losing hope. The suit and the friendliness and professionalism I encountered boosted my spirit and hope. Thank you!”

“The proper attire helps with confidence. It was a fun experience and very enlightening.”

“This was a fantastic experience. The clothes look great. The staff was more helpful than any retail store!”

“Once I put that suit on, the confidence I felt just made me feel so great! I recommend that anyone [who is] looking for a job and doesn’t have interview clothing stop in and check out Clothes That Work.”

Clients“Clothes That Work made me feel more confident in the beautiful outfit that was chosen for me today. In giving a handshake, I learned how to give a firm grip even if I am meeting a woman, as well as business advice. It was truly a pleasure to have been able to come to Clothes That Work today!”

“I feel that because I have something presentable to wear, I can do my job more effectively. I had a better experience than visiting a department store!”

“I am more ready now than I was before I came to Clothes That Work. Great company and great experience. I had a good time. The whole time I smiled because my coach was very respectful and helpful!”

“A ‘proper’ suit makes all the difference. Thank you!”

“[My coach] not only found me a great suit, she also quizzed me on some interviewing techniques. Thank you so much! God Bless!”

“The help was great and very courteous. [My coach] made me feel extremely confident & proud. Great advice, superior service!”

“The clothes fit; they are stylish! Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and good about myself!”