Client Testimonials

“I feel very confident that I’m prepared with the clothing that was provided for me to go on and interview.”

“I didn’t believe I would find something that would fit me perfect – BUT I DID, AND NOW I FEEL 100% CONFIDENT.”

“Being prepared always makes you more marketable in the job market.”

“Having someone tell me that I look good gives me a sense of pride and belief in myself.”

“Every detail for my interview was chosen carefully and I felt heard and understood about my needs.”

“I feel like I have the job already.”

“I think that Clothes That Work is an awesome organization. The clothes look new, and I felt like I was shopping in some fancy boutique! Thank God for organizations that truly care about people.”

“I look ready for business. I feel good; I feel confident!”

“When you dress for success, it boosts your confidence.”

“Thank you all so much for believing that I can achieve anything.”

“I haven’t worn anything other than a uniform in 6+ years and now feel more confident about dressing professionally.”

“They made me feel like I was somebody.”

“When I saw myself in suit, I felt successful and proud.”