Dear Clothes That Work Friend, Thanks4Giving!   The next time you are shopping in the Clothes That Work Boutique,  you can help job seekers in our community even more with a donation of at least $1.00 to our to Thank4Giving campaign. This campaign will kick-off Friday, November 7, and proceeds help provide the professional clothing and confidence our job seekers need to shine in their interview.   When you make a gift of at least $1.00, you will receive one of our Thanks4Giving paper handbags to display in the Boutique. Logo-Thanks4Giving When you purchase a paper handbag for $1.00 or more, you help provide the following:

  • $5: Socks/hosiery and undergarments
  • $10: Socks/hosiery, undergarments, and toiletries
  • $20: Undergarments, socks/hosiery, toiletries, and accessories
  • $25: Undergarments, socks/hosiery, toiletries, accessories, and shoes

Purse Your support at any level during our Thanks4Giving campaign makes a difference in our community.    That $5.00 bill reserved for a cup of coffee could mean hosiery or socks for someone right now preparing for a job interview.    When paired with 19 other Boutique shoppers giving $5.00, your gift can turn into an entire interview outfit, personalized coaching, and a workplace outfit for a Clothes That Work job seeker.   That job seeker could then secure a position and become a contributing member of our economy. If you can’t make it to the Boutique, but want to make a difference to a job seeker in need, click here to contribute to our Thanks4Giving campaign.  Thank you!