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Week 3:  Casually Cool


What hobbies, activities, and pastimes fuel your passion?

I enjoy running and make time to work out each day.  My wife and I enjoy running together and with our local running team.  For me it’s a tremendous stress relief but not always easy to find the time.   I’ve turned a lot of bad days into good days and have left all kinds of problems out on the road during these workouts.  I’ve given up other pleasures (including sleep) to find this time in my schedule.  I also do my best to stay current with US and world news.  I’m a bit of a political news junkie so this time of year is especially interesting for me.

Week 2: Workplace Image

Osborne-WorkplaceWhat does an average day (or week) of your life look like?

An average day for me, as a Controller, involves working with my team to ensure our Accounting and Treasury functions are running smoothly.  It’s a large group to manage and I rely on very talented professionals to maintain the high standards and expectations of our clients and stakeholders.  I’m not involved with every transaction that happens within my areas of responsibility so establishing trust and communicating regularly is key to our shared success.  Each month brings a new challenge that keeps things fresh and new.  We’re constantly working to build on our successes and improve the way in which we provide financial services.  I’m always amazed at how fast a day goes by.  I wouldn’t trade it for any other job.  I truly love what I do.

Week 1: First Impressions

OsborneHow did you become the man you are today?

I’ve been the fortunate beneficiary of great parents, a wonderfully supportive spouse and having the privilege of working with great teams of highly qualified professionals throughout my career.  My parents taught and demonstrated the value of hard work at an early age.  They’ve been perfect role models to emulate as an employee, spouse and father.  My wife is also a CPA who understands the demands of a career in finance.  We’ve been able to help each other quite a bit in managing our hectic schedules and effectively balancing the demands of work and a young family.  I’ve also been lucky enough to work for industry leading organizations who’ve made significant commitments to attracting and retaining great teams of finance professionals.  I’ve learned so much from my supervisors, colleagues and members of my team.

Why should people vote for you as the best Role Model for Men at Work?

To prove that a CPA’s idea of fashion extends beyond pocket protectors!

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