The Baker Twins


The Baker Twins


Why Should You Vote For Me?

We may not be old enough to be role models, but our dad always says to take care of each other because some day we may only have each other. “Our dad is really smart, like a vice president of his company, so we try and do what he says.”

Accessory of Empowerment

Around the farm, we wear baseball hats and cowboy hats to keep the sun out of our eyes. At football, we wear helmets to keep from getting concussions. These hats are just for looking cool. And they look like something Tom Brady or Peyton Manning wears off the field,” adds Dylan.

Shoes of Empowerment

Jack thinks his hat is pretty awesome, but he really likes his shoes. “I can run and play and still be cool!” Dylan adds, “These shoes are comfortable and look nice. My mom likes that.”

Outfit of Empowerment

We aren’t big fans of getting too dressed up, but we get that it’s important to look your best. Living on a farm, we wear jeans all the time, but our mom really likes it when they stay nice and don’t get too muddy. We tell her that’s how it goes on a farm. Farmers need clothes to work in and clothes to dress up. Jeans can do both. Plus when we become video game writers someday, we can wear jeans to work every day!