Cast Your VoteDr. David Hopkins

Wright State University

Week 3:  Casually Cool


What hobbies, activities, and pastimes fuel your passion?

To be honest, I never feel like I’m off the job.  I consider it my sacred duty to create an environment here at Wright State University where everyone can be successful.

With 6 kids, I’ve always found it hard to fully unwind.  I do like to spend time chatting with my wife.  I enjoy reading – I’ve read everything that Robert Ludlum has ever written.  I like to golf, and I like to go to the movies.  I like lighter movies and suspenseful movies – I enjoy stories that let me escape for a few hours.

Week 2: Workplace Image

Hopkins-WorkplaceImageWhat does an average day (or week) of your life look like?

I enjoy the time I get to spend with the students, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would like! Most of my time is spent dealing with politics, the external community, our stakeholders and our donors.  A lot of what I do is more symbolic, such as getting people excited about why we exist as a University and where we are going.  I try my best to inspire my students.  After my first semester in college, my GPA was a 1.9.  There is a path to success for everyone!

Week 1: First Impressions

HopkinsHow did you become the man you are today?

It’s all about my mom.  I am an only child; my mom never went to college, and my dad dropped out of high school to go fight in the war.  My mom always told me that I could do anything – she helped me see a future for myself.  She wanted me to be a role model for people just like me.  Life is all about serving others.

I didn’t plan to become a university president.  I went to school to be a basketball coach and a math teacher.  Fortunately, I had two professors take me under their wing – they helped me become the man I am today.  In my role now, I still get to coach – it’s just on a different court.

Why should people vote for you as the best Role Model for Men at Work?

We’re preparing people for jobs.  I want to help people be successful in the workplace and in life.  A vote for me is a vote for the mission of Clothes That Work.

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