Local Girl Honors Great Grandmother

KennedyOn Monday, November 23, 2015, we received a special visit from a young girl named Kennedy Lambert. This ten year old student at Southdale Elementary came with her mother and little brother to make a very personal donation to help our female clients.

Kennedy’s great-grandmother recently passed away, and Kennedy wanted to do something to honor her memory. Her great-grandmother had a very large collection of earrings and always wore a pair that matched whatever outfit she was wearing. Kennedy thought that many local women could benefit from the confidence boost that comes from wearing the perfect pair of earrings, so she and her mother began researching charities that could benefit from this donation. When they found Clothes That Work, they knew they found the right place.

Kennedy took each pair of earrings and wrapped them in brightly colored bags. Along with the earrings, each bag comes with a personal note from her meant to inspire hope and confidence in our clients. Small messages such as “You Matter” and “You are Beautiful” are tucked into each and every bag. While she was at our office, she had the opportunity to tell her story to one of our clients and help her pick out a set of earrings that matched her brand new outfit.

Thank you for your generosity, Kennedy!  You are truly an inspiration, and your great-grandmother’s legacy will give dozens of local women the confidence they need to secure new jobs and a brighter future.

Click here to see more pictures of Kennedy’s visit to Clothes That Work!